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Who we are?
The hardware R&D division of ERROR LAB is a sophisticated facility comprised with a bunch of industry experienced engineers and a high-tech laboratory.
What we offer? Domain Expertise

Operational Segments


Research and development (R&D) refers to a series of investigative activities that a business organization or entrepreneur group conducts to improve an existing products or shape new idea into reality.

Engineering/technical R&D is an expensive and massive segment of operation that requires both human and logistic resource input. It is a continuous process that isn’t performed to attain instant profit to any business initiative or organization. Instead, it is focused on long-term profitability for a group of entrepreneurs or existing companies

How We Work

To provide a 360O research& development support to our target customer groups (i.e. entities or individuals), ERROR LAB BANGLADESH LTD has opened its door in January, 2014. Since then it has been the best choice as 3rd party R&D service contractor & consultant utilizing local tech and expertise. Because of its 4 years + industry grade R&D experience in both software and hardware sector, ERROR LAB is actually the one-of-its-kind solution hub for those who need help to shape their ideas into reality

Business Incubator, government/semi-government/private entities or individual-anyone can collaborate with us and get our R&D consultancy/support for their idea or initiatives. We also provide commercial design and mass scale of production support for various tech-products.

Area of Interest

  • # Electronics &Embedded System
  • # Solar Energy
  • # Robotics
  • # Agro-Tech
  • # Hardware-Software Integration

Remarkable Projects

RF Guided Solar Boat
by Robotics & Unmanned Vehicle Dept

As a third party contractor, this solar powered, remotely operated water vehicle prototype was developed for search and rescue activity. This semi-automatic RF guided prototype was equipped with surface to surface sonar, underwater sonar, HD night vision camera and PIR motion sensor along with a maximum range of 50 meter for remote operation.

Automatic Fish Feeder
by Embedded System Dept.

The project was developed for a fishery enterprise. Basic purpose of the project was to automate the fish feeding process based on specific scheduling method, pH level of water and dissolved oxygen level.

Automatic Drip Irrigation
by Embedded System Dept.

This project was equipped with an industry grade soil moisture sensor, humidity sensor, water level detection module. For efficient irrigation water management, drip irrigation technique was applied. Internet of Thing (IoT) application added extra advantage to monitor and control the system via online portal.

Voice Command Controlled GliderRobot
by Robotics & Unmanned Vehicle Dept.

This state-of-the-art non-humanoid, semi-automatic robot can bear up to 5 kg payload on-board, can detect any obstacle on its pathway and avoid collision. It is capable of communicating with its commandant using artificial male voice. The robot can be controlled at a distance of 150 feet via voice command.



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Our R&D support is helping others to shape up their ideas into reality.



We tailor solutions for our esteemed clients mostly using local tech and expertise.

  •   1st Floor, House # 29, Road # 1, Block F, Sector 2, Aftab Nagar, Badda, Dhaka 1212.
  •   (+880) 1789 177 008
  •   contact@errorlab.com.bd

About ERROR Lab

Engineering Research & Revolution’s Optimum Revival (ERROR) Lab is an open-ended, engineering research & development consultancy service brand of E LAB BANGLADESH LTD. With a bunch of creative minds & dynamic management, ERROR LAB is offering cutting-edge technical solutions to government, semi-government, private and individual entities.

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